Tuesday, May 25, 2010

viva las vegas!

Deposit - Vegas Poker Chip Wedding Invitation (Pocket Fold) THE CLUB -EARRINGS WITH SEA FOAM BLUE CHALCEDONY 
Las Vegas and Junket Pink Heart Paper Punches - Hand Punched from 1970s Game Money 1.1/4 inch Darbyshire Feathered Ivory Cloche
Hand Calligraphy Envelope Addressing, The Las Vegas Style PINK LADY - CORSET COSTUME -Moulin Rouge Circus Burlesque Showgirl -FREE MINI TOP HAT size S, M, L, XL 
Mini Birdcage Veil - Gold Metallic or Silver Metallic Personalize Your Wings and FLY Necklace
Retro Vegas Chairs Lucky in Love - Elopement Announcement - Sample
Hoyle Official -Vintage Playing Card Earrings Sin 5x5 Fine Art Photo
{each photo links to its shop}

hello all -- i apologize for being MIA. we shipped the magazine at work, and now i'm at a work conference (i swear!) in las vegas. my first time back since my sister's wedding in '07, which was the reason i started this blog in the first place. so much has changed in my life and hers since then.

more on that when i don't have an *8am* meeting. cruelty, thy name is vegas work conference.

in the meantime, i've been a bad blogger. i owe you results for the watercolor map giveaway, and i have amazing photography and jewelry giveaways on deck if i can get myself organized. thank you as always for your patience! much to do and see, and more soon!


  1. Did you already announce the winner of the watercolor map giveaway? Did I miss it? Thanks! xo.

  2. Have we told you lately how much we love etsy?


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