Thursday, March 22, 2012

a practical wedding, on bridesmaids and accessories

Letterpressed Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card by drippyink etsy
{ letterpressed "will you be my bridesmaid" card by drippyink }

better late than never, celebrating blog-friend Meg's first Huffington Post article, "Your Bridesmaids are not Accessories and other Truths" -- in which she lets you off the hook for any fears you're doing the bridal party thing wrong. THERE IS NO WRONG.* There is only Zuul.

[update! plus her must-read series of posts on etsy's blog:
A Wedding on Your Terms: The Stuff
A Wedding on Your Terms: The Registry ]

If you don't already read A Practical Wedding it is just *great* -- I still do.

Plus check out her new book! A Practical Wedding: Creative Ideas for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration -- filled with sane sanity, which is not redundant when you're planning a wedding.

(I'm so pleased to feature it in the first ad I've ever posted on this site. We started our blogs around the same time [don't compare, APW is all grown up!] and it has been a pleasure and inspiration to watch her grow ever since.)

(and of course if you need accessories for your friends-who-are-not-accessories:)

Gray and White Bridesmaids Clutch Set varying shade and patterns of gray Design your own SET OF 6 , coral  bridesmaid earrings , bridesmaid gifts   , gold  coral earring ,spring , wedding jewelry, beach
Orange Red Organza Flower  Bridesmaid Hair Comb-3 Organza poppy Flower and 2 Fall Leaves Bridesmaid Gift Set of 5 Make up Bags  - Choose the fabric
Dress / Bridesmaid / Romantic / Yellow / Dreamy / Bridesmaid / Party / Ruffles Flowers / Ready to ship Pocket Mirror - Party Favor, Bridesmaid Gift or Stocking Stuffer - Modern Birdhouse Purple Mirror With Pouch - Buy 3 Get The 4th FREE
Tangerine Orange Tiffany Blue Glass Earrings, Bridesmaids Jewelry, Bridal Jewelry, Wedding Jewelry 4 of Ruffle Chiffon Flower Hair Clips/ Brooches for Bridesmaid Hair
Bridesmaid Gifts - Set of 7 Jewelry Travel Organizer Clutches - Custom fabric/colours gold karma necklace, Freshwater pearl, bridesmaid gifts, eternity necklace, entwined rings, sisters, best friends, circle necklace
Large Peach Rose Flower Stud Earrings perfect for Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor Gifts Bridesmaids dress - mix it up.
{each photo links to its etsy shop}

*ok, technically there may be a wrong way, which would be to let the wedding-industrial complex make you feel like you have to buy 15 matching sets of everything or to think there's only ONE RIGHT WAY and every other way is TACKY, but we're not here to judge if that's what makes you happy, do your thing.


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