Tuesday, March 27, 2012

my heart's in egypt wedding sampler

Vintage Map Necklace Cairo
{ cairo vintage map necklace by ivcreations55 }

one of my dearest friends is spending yet another birthday on an amazing trip, this time to Egypt, that I was invited on but couldn't swing. I would like to be in Egypt right NOW. (not working.) RIGHT NOW.

someday I will go to Egypt and see Cairo and the Nile.
For now... thinking of you, Delly -- happy birthday.

Exquisite Vintage Turquoise Bugle Bead Egyptian Cleopatra Collar Necklace Egyptian Cats - American Apparel Womens t shirt ( womens t shirt) ( Cat t shirt)
Egyptian Goddess Patina Brass Bangle Framed Scarab Beetle with Egyptian Money Insect Display
Crochet Gold Filled Wire and Pearls Nile Necklace Silver Coin Ring 1957 Egypt 5 Piastres - RIng Size 5 1/4 and Double Sided
Egyptian Scarab Earrings Patina Scarab Earrings Verdigris Scarab Dangle Egyptian Earrings - E102 Theda Bara Egyptian Revival Necklace Collar
Egyptian Circle Wish Bracelet - Antique Brass XLRG  Egyptian  beaded  Queen Cleopatra Necklace 9 Scarab
Rusty Cuts Egyptian Nefertiti Mini Dress Sz XS S M L Egypt Flag Cufflinks -- Gift for Egyptian wedding, groomsmen, and university graduation
Egyptian Pharaoh Earrings Egyptian copper necklace with cascade and light seafoam chalcedony briolette dangle
Vintage-style print: man on a camel, Egypt 8x10 Egyptian Warrior Goddess, Sekhmet Lioness Leather Mask
Unique handcrafted Ancient Egyptian Senet Game board in cotton bag EGYPTIAN BIRD god horus brown tee SILKSCREENED large
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  1. My brother's girlfriend is half Egyptian. Love to see some of these elements at their wedding.


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