Tuesday, March 20, 2012

on cherry blossoms, and a film you need to see

White Cherry Blossom Viewfinder Photo Print, robins egg blue, vintage style home decor  - Wrapped in Romance 8 x 8
{ "wrapped in romance" cherry blossom kodak dualflex viewfinder print by seelifeshine }

over the weekend we caught up with A's friend Lucy Walker, a truly gifted, brilliant filmmaker (nominated for two Oscars!) and dear soul, after her Environmental Film Festival retrospective. Lucy and our friend Aaron have made a gorgeous short documentary called "The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom" and you *must* keep your eye out for it where you live -- a profoundly moving film of catastrophe and beautiful redemption. Showing in Durham NC's Full Frame festival next month among others, and eventually on HBO.

then on Sunday we biked down to DC's own cherry blossoms, here early this year -- 100 years and every year a miracle.

there's an enormous variety of cherry-blossom-themed invitations on etsy (click here to see the latest) -- and here's a sampler of other lovely ideas. Bonus points to anyone who recognizes my favorite pink-haired anime ass-kicker. Happy spring!

Cherry Blossoms Earrings Wearable Photo Art Vintage Inspired - Shabby Chic- Pink and Blue Miss Tokio Hosiery Geisha Cherry Blossoms Fashion Poster 1927  Vintage Color Advertisement Lithograph To Frame
Seven Cardinal Sins Cherry Blossom Altered Vintage Plate set Thank You Cards Bright Pink and Colourful Cherry Blossom
hot pink cherry blossom hair clip - DEVOTEDLY - bridal headpiece accessory Cloisonne Bangle Cherry Blossoms Enamel Black Pink Blue Flowers Chinese Asian Oriental Sakura Vintage - 2448
Cherry Blossom Drop - Plum Blossom, Bridesmaid Gifts, Dainty and Delicate jewelry, Sakura, Metalsmithing, Spring Wedding jewelry cherry blossom gift tin set of 10
Spring Cherry Blossoms Wall Art Print Yellow Citrine Modern Home Decor Papercut Ketubah - Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossom Tree, Nature Photography,  Botanical Photography,  Baby Nursery, Home Decor, Fine Art Photography 8x10 inches - "Serendipity" New Cherry Blossom Kimono Baby or Toddler Dress size Newborn-18M
Summer In Bloom II  - A Bright Orange Sakura Flower with Howlite Gemstone Beads Earrings.  Cheerful. Summer. Gifts for Mom Grand Sakura Kanzashi
Counted Cross stitch Pattern PDF. Cherry Blossom. Includes easy beginner instructions. Vintage-Inspired Cherry Blossom Gift/Wish Tree
pencils made with japanese paper - set of 10 in a gift box - patchwork sakura Naruto - Sakura Button
{each photo links to its shop}


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