Thursday, October 16, 2008

emilia: if money were no object...

[by emilia of
...these would be my four wedding must-haves. My dream wedding is a vintage-inspired autumn garden party with a lot of DIY flair. Of course, if I had all the money in the world I wouldn't have to DIM.
Layer Cake Films Red Velvet Super 8 Wedding Film Package
{ red velvet super 8mm wedding film package by layercakefilms }
Video and photography with a vintage feel is KEY! I would love to be able to fit a package like this one from Layer Cake Films into my budget! Plus I LOVE red velvet cake!
[could not agree more -- i covet this. the film *and* the cake. see my feature on layercakefilms here...]

Vintage Flower Bride and Groom Cake Topper Keepsake Box
{ vintage flower bride and groom cake topper keepsake box by bebox }
I've been seeing this trend on a few blogs lately and I love the idea of having a vintage cake topper. I'm sure there are a few out there for less that $200 but if we've got the cash to spend why not, right?!
Ruffled Rhumba Pantie and Bra Set
{ ruffled rhumba pantie and bra set by lustdesigns }
Probably the most important thing on HIS mind: the wedding night! Ooh la la!

And finally, THE most important item. SHOES! This pair from Eliseo36 actually aren't that price-y at $90. Too bad I have mammoth size 11 feet!
{ red by eliseo36 }
Thanks for letting me participate! This was so much fun!
thank *you* for sending these in, emilia, and all best to you!

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  1. A few of my Etsy wedding items (used in my wedding) featured here:

    Love this blog, even now that my wedding is over!


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