Saturday, October 11, 2008

four things i would get for my wedding: renee

everyone, say hello to renee (hello, renee!), who kindly shares her four items.
If money were no issue, these would be my four picks.

The Dress:

{ autumn fairy champagne layered + embroidered lace wedding dress by unitedartistudio }
This is the most beautiful and AFFORDABLE! dress I've ever seen. I'm considering actually purchasing it in the next couple months...

[ohhh, i hate posting this if that's the case, but note it's a sample and the 'special offers' in the store only last until october 14...]
Everyone invited would go home with part of the centerpiece:
1 mini bud vase WEDDING place card holder or wedding favor
{ one mini bud vase wedding place card holder/favor by thefunkyshack }
I would arrange a bunch of these with different flowers at each table.

We would get His and Hers mugs with our faces on them for our next day
brunch. Because what's cooler than a mug with your face on it? And
because we're really awesome, we'd get personalized ones for the
bridal party, too.
Handpainted personalized portrait mug - made to order
{ handpainted personalized portrait mugs, made to order by houseofharriet }

[please note #1 -- the link in renee's email wasn't working, so i searched for his and hers wedding portrait mugs and came up with the suggestion above... renee, let us know if this isn't it! pls. note #2 -- houseofharriet isn't taking new orders until the first week of december...]

I love this seller and I would commission her to make my thank you
cards in a similar theme as these:
cherish heart notecard set.
{ cherish heart notecard set }

awww. thanks so much, renee, and congratulations!
renee's blog:


  1. That dress is gorgeous.

    I can't decide if I'd want my face on a mug or not... it's cute.

  2. Sorry the link didn't worry, but those are definitely the mugs I was talking about! The dress is regularly just over $200 and availability is determined by whether or not the fabric is available.

  3. *sorry the link didn't WORK

    (that's what I get for blogging and "working" at the same time)

  4. Aaaaand, I would totally make your thank you cards. You know I would. In a heartbeat. :)

    You will be such a lovely bride! That dress is glorious, too. Wow.

  5. Hi I really want that wedding dress but cant find it anywhere :O(. Can anyone help. I love it so much and cant find one even similar. Regards cher.

  6. @cherry, it looks like they've closed their etsy store. i googled unitedartistudio and found this site: -- hasn't been updated in a while but has an email address to try and contact the artist directly.

    good luck!

  7. @cherry - any luck with emailing them? i adore that dress and have been going crazy trying to find it before i found this site and tried emailing them, too.

  8. hi jesssi
    I have emailed but no reply as yet :O(
    I love this dress, i dont like any other now i have seen this one lol

  9. Hi-
    Just wanted you all to know that I love this dress too. I was looking for fairy wedding dresses for inspiration and ran across your Blog. I can make it for the girls who are looking to have it made and cant find the designer, it seems they are closed. Im Bellina Bridal on Etsy.

    Just convo me.


  10. Hey I have had a reply from unitedartstudio :O) they do the champagne fairy wedding dress. yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeee :O)
    they have a new address its
    hope this helps everyone.

    regards cher xxx

  11. Hello!
    I saw about unitedartstudio here and want to ask you a question please! Can you tell me what the company or so is that who makes dresses (I mean which country) and did someone order gown there? Can I see it? Please, help me someone who can.. I'm living very far away and don't know what to do with wedding dress. One I saw on their web-site and like to order but they didn't answer me yet...

  12. Here is the link to the exact dress, for those looking:


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