Sunday, October 12, 2008

four things i would get for my wedding: beka

one more, from beka:
Here are my four things I would love for my wedding:

1. This for my "something blue:"
FIGURE MAGAZINE FEATURE Powder Blue freshwater pearl sterling silver wire wrapped ring
{ powder blue freshwater pearl and sterling silver ring by muyinmolly }
(ok, ok I know you said only four things but there's this pink one that I think I need to have too..... It's so beautiful.)

2. This for my dress if I didn't already have and love my dress:
Vintage  White WEDDING DRESS  Short 1950s LACE  Tulle  Retro  DIY
{ reconstructed 1950s tulle and lace wedding dress by lynnsrags }

[etsy wedding *hearts* this photo, btw. vintage chevy pickup: yes please!]
3. This shrug because it makes me fall down in worship:
{ custom shrug by bonzie }
4. This shrug because it feels so famously vintage:
Scalloped Bridal Shrug- White or Ivory lace (Non-beaded)
{ scalloped lace bridal shrug in white or ivory by rohm }

wonderful finds, beka! thank you *so* much for your sweet note (after the somewhat unfiltered introduction, i promised the man a more discreet role on the blog -- but more tales are inevitable, am head over heels [!] -- :). congratulations to you as well!


  1. I love that ring in blue. I have only seen it in pink. It is so gorgeous! I also love love love that last shrug it screams vintage! Fabulous post!

  2. Oooh I'm so excited for more tales about the man!!!! :)


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