Sunday, October 12, 2008

tijusai: fabulous (lithuanian!) floral accessories

Blue-green FLOWER - necklace-necktie
{ blue-green flower necklace/necktie }

these are so fun! and the neckties are wonderfully different -- plus you can request custom work and multiples so sky's the limit.

tijusai is two artists knitting, sewing, and felting in lithuania (!) -- items reach the states registered airmail in 2-3 weeks and europe in 1-2. how awesome is etsy: global handmade neckwear?

so: get your FMIL (oh those acronyms!) and MYLEDSMYC (that's "mom you love except damn she's making you crazy") floral pins they can wear again rather than corsages, or, better yet: psych out your bridal party with sedate no-nonsense dresses (phew!) and then *spring* the giant neckflowers on them at the rehearsal dinner. awesome. let me know how that goes. ;)

Peony-necklace-necktiePINK-bridesmaid hair pin-hair clip-brooch
Blue FUZZ - pin/brooch Bell Flowers- necktie- necklace
3 brown TULIPS-necklace-necktiePeach Large Shawl-Scarf
White-ivory Bride FLOWER- usable pin in hair-necklace-beltGreen SCARF with green peony PIN
Orange sun Flowers-necklace-necktieNecklace with small COWSLIPS and pease
You can choose color and by order I can to knitt for you SCARF /SHAWL  with FlowersOrange-burgundy-white ROSE-head piece-hair pin-hair clip
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  1. The blue-green flower is amazing! I had to use it for an inspiration board today.

  2. Thanks for showing my works:)
    Few days ago I made simple my blog.


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