Wednesday, February 4, 2009

best of the blogs and other love

catching up on press and blog love from my time away...

first, the day my nephew was born (i was distracted!) we were featured in "Best of the Blogs: Editor's Picks" over at the martha stewart show (!!!!) -- selected by darcy miller, their editorial director of weddings. holy moly. that is just *so* so lovely. am tickled that i just now came across this. nice timing on my hiatus... bad blogger!

we also rated a mention (do you like how the blog is now a royal "we"*?) in darcy's the bride's guide blog, also on, hooray! we're listed among a great group of wedding blogs, check out the list for some perennial favorites and for something new...

here's a quick smattering of other love, randomly selected -- thanks so much to all of you for reading!

aeiou*design's little black wedding book
vintage glam weddings
modern romance
lilly lynn events
hip hostess

*regarding the royal we -- i just blog here! the real work is done by all the artists, designers, crafters, photographers, printmakers...


  1. Thanks for the blog love. I add your site to my blogroll too!

  2. thanks for the shout out! i *love* your blog and it is amazing to think you even know mine exists ")

  3. Oh I love Modern Romance, I bought her big organza flower to wear for my wedding.

  4. thanks for the love!!! xoxoxoxo swooning!

  5. thanks so much for the blog love. I've been following Etsy Weddings since I was engaged!

  6. Wow,thanks for the mention! I adore your blog.

  7. Honored to be on your list! LOVE LOVE LOVE ETSY!!!



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