Monday, February 9, 2009

thebrokenplate: unique bridal party cufflinks + pendants

Custom Matching Broken Plate Cufflinks for Groom and 4 Groomsmen
{ custom matching broken-plate cufflinks for groom + four groomsmen }

how great are these?

thebrokenplate makes wonderful, quirky matching sets for bridal parties, with something cool for the gents: mod cufflinks. plus rings, pendants, fascinators, belt buckles --

*and* two great ideas, from the artist's custom order page: first, let's say you already have a broken plate, maybe grandma's precious china -- or let's say hypothetically a collector's mid-century modern vase that your boyfriend can't believe you put flowers in and then the cat knocked over ("you couldn't have used an IKEA VASE???"), that sort of thing... you can send in the pieces and have them transformed into pendants for your sisters or cufflinks for said irate boyfriend. neat!

second, check out the idea for making jewelry from plates broken during the jewish tenaim engagement ceremony -- i love the symbolism (and drama!): mothers smashing plates to make way for their children feeding each other, and “may a plate be broken for you soon...”

baltimore-based thebrokenplate loves custom work and has a huge assortment of colors and plates pre-smashed (oh, the catharsis!) to choose from, or you can send your own.

Feathered Broken Plate Headband - blueCUSTOM You ComPlate Me Matching Broken Plate Friendship Necklaces
Architecture Broken Plate CuffLinksGreen French Brocade Broken Plate Necklace
New Square Broken Plate Ring blue and green 50s atomicOrange Pink and Green Floral Broken Plate Belt Buckle
Custom Matching Broken Plate Pendants for 4 BridesmaidsYou ComPlate Me 3 Matching Broken Plate Friendship or bridesmaid Necklaces
You ComPlate Me Matching Broken Plate Friendship Necklaces green leafNew Broken Plate Hair Clip with Feathers - turquoise blue and pink
Blue and White Tree Broken Plate Ring Magnetic Backed Broken Plate Brooch - red tree
Black French Brocade Broken Plate NecklaceGreen and white Broken Plate CuffLinks
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  1. The Broken Plate has been a favorite of mine for a while now, and she's gotten some great well-deserved press recently. Love her ideas for a funky, unique approach to bridesmaids and groomsmen accessories.

  2. Thanks SOO Much! How nice!


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