Sunday, February 22, 2009

navy + black bridesmaid dress ideas

Pleated Collar Dresskimono sleeve dress with pleated runner
The Juliana Dress-------Custom SizedLucy--Custom-Made
Silent Era Little Black Bridesmaid Dress for TracyBlack Lace Trimmed Party Dress
lace knit draped neckline dressThe Marilyn Dress
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  1. I LOVE navy! Fourteen years ago my bridesmaids wore navy dresses and it was quite the had just barely become "acceptable" for bridesmaids to one had really given navy blue its day yet. I loved feeling like such a trendsetter and still have such a soft spot when I see a dress in that lovely shade of blue!

  2. I adore navy it's sooo classy! and it's not so used in weddings (at least in Italy) so I defenetely love it!

  3. In one day you help me to find great favors for my beach wedding and the next you show the obvious, adorable (navy blue) choice for my bridesmaids' dresses. I'm all set now; thanks!

  4. Navy is so the 'it' color this season. Everyone looks good in it, and it complements other colors, whether bright orange or a dark teal.
    Another great option {I think!} is steel grey or light silver. These are also flattering to most skin tones, and creating a nice canvas to add color splashes to.

  5. this is fantastic news. was worried about putting up navy and black because it's getting to be spring, and here i find myself on-trend for once... thank you all for your suggestions, and good luck cassandra!

  6. i LOVE your blog!!! it's so fabulous.


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