Saturday, February 14, 2009

i *heart* nyc: valentine's sampler

Heart of Steel - 5x7 Photo Print14K Gold-Filled Coral on Chain Earrings
Love...New York StyleNew York Jigger Glass Souvenir
Coral, Turquoise and Silver BraceletNew York Love gocco print- Gray
cherry- fine art photoNYC - 212 Area Code Stationery - Set of 6
Bathroom Graffiti Wisdom CardHeart Set for Valentine's Day - Special Price
New York Black and White Swarvoski RingNew York Cocktail Deluxe Gift Tag to tie onto Whiskey Bottle or Glasses
Brooklyn,Queens, Manhattan, Bronx Mini Poster Art Print by modernitemIn New York Freedom Looks Like Too Many Choices
SALE - M-Silk Screened womens shirt red on white Lace Pendant - Red
{each photo links to its shop}

i sound like a t-shirt. i just love this town. 

something else i discovered last week, from my friend rachael -- i am *infatuated* with east side bride's blog. am sending a little valentine from etsy wedding! i love this post especially -- so, so true. i have everything i need.

xox from nyc!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that two of the images don't link anywhere and one links to a blogger page, not an etsy page. I'd love to look at those etsy shops, so if you could fix the post, I'd greatly appreciate. I love your blog and I'm always looking forward to the next awesome post!

  2. thanks Jennifer! I meant to add a note this might happen, was posting from my boyfriend's laptop ("it will only take a second!") and was ready to go when I noticed google chrome didn't bring any of the links in with the 14 or so images (!) (i usually post in firefox) so I had to re-find each listing and hand-code the links. In the 7 minutes before our valentines dinner reservation. Yes, that's what I have come to: hopping around half-mascara'd, on one heel, saying "just one more link!!" to my wedding blog on a Saturday night in nyc...

    NTM I'm tippy-typing this on my phone keyboard at brunch, so forgive typos. I may have a slight blog addiction.

    So: I promise to fix! And as always, thanks so much for reading! as a magazine nerd proofreading is *always* appreciated.

  3. Jen! oh, such a blast hanging with you and Rebecca and everybody on Sunday! I tried to find an email on here to email you, but maybe I'm blind? You know I am such a fan, and it I'm having such trouble putting together colors for my wedding...could you help me create a color board? How do I go about requesting?

  4. karrie! hooray! am so happy to have made the connection, and this *reminds* me that *maybe* i should put contact info for the blog, you know, *on* the blog.

    i'm at etsywedding (at) gmail, and will get you my personal contact info so we can chat. i loved the hideout and seeing you and wayne again -- talk soon!

  5. fabulous ode to the best city in the world and the true center of the universe...


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