Tuesday, February 17, 2009

poetry sampler: words of the heart

Poem/ Customized Heavy Bangle Bracelet in Sterling Silver - clearly and precisely inscribed to your specifications
{ poem customized bangle bracelet in sterling by bddesigns }

today i volunteered as a poetry "coach" for DC organization higher achievement's* fourth annual literary love poetry performance, which meant i got to see ten amazing love poems performed by ten great kids. love is anger, love makes his face a red apple, love is vicious in the good deeds, love is why he works *every* day. it's an internal uprising, a butterfly on delicate flowers, it's playing hide and seek, and it's finally, sincerely saying "thank you -- i love you more than you've ever, ever known."

naturally this made me want to poke around etsy.

for those of you who write or love words, books, poems, how do you plan to incorporate them into your wedding?

Your Words Custom Canvas 8x10 Word ArtHeart by John Keats Locket
Poetry Necklace1950's L'AMOUR Illustrated Book of Love Quotations (Peter Pauper Press)
Poem in a Box - The Moment Set of Three Stackable Secret Poetry Rings in sterling and new lowercase font
Laughter Is Timeless...Wide Inscribed Band (order in whole, half or quarter sizes - and whatever poetry or phrase you like)Your 70 Words on a Custom Leather Belt band lyrics, poems anything
WILD SOLITUDES - NecklacePoetry Cufflinks
We Carry Each Other - Illustrated BookFirst Morning Light
Customized Magnetic Poetry KitsPoetry pendant
i carry your heart w\/ me, ORIGINAL collage on pocket moleskineValentine - Original Papercut
{each photo links to its shop}

*for more info on higher achievement's wonderful activities and programs, see higherachievement.org


  1. I love literature, and so I decided to put quotes from some of my favorite books onto DIY canvases. I bought Duck cloth and am ironing on the words to the cloth. I am then wrapping the cloth around a board so that I can display the words. It's been a lot of fun to do so far! I plan to hang the canvases up in my apartment after the wedding.

  2. Love this post! Thank you! I'm so tempted to get those bracelets for my bridesmaids... I would love to find the "perfect" poetry quote for each of them. Only problem is that I've already settled on bridesmaid's gifts. Argh. Maybe I can do both... Maybe I will.

    PS I'll be attending the state-level Poetry Out Loud (www.poetryoutloud.org) competition in Richmond next month, and I'm very excited! I'll be cheering on my fabulous 9th grader representing our school, but I know that all of the students will be impressive. I think it's awesome that you were supporting a similar event!

  3. It's always lovely to see one of our classic gift editions still making someone's day. "L'Amour" looks lovely and kitchy.
    -Peter Pauper Press, Inc.

  4. My wedding rings are almost identical to that set of three stacked rings, but I purchased them from a different Etsy seller. Love them!


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