Tuesday, February 2, 2010

last day! enter the office 2008 for the mac DIY giveaway

diascographics Snow White Revenge Vinyl Decal Sticker
{ snow white's revenge vinyl decal sticker by diascographics }

if you have a mac or love someone who does, today's the last day to enter the microsoft office 2008 giveaway -- your very own brand new copy of office 2008 for the mac, plus a packet of tips on DIY wedding projects -- save-the-dates, budget, invites, programs... the odds are good.

if you're a PC but just getting started on planning your wedding, check out the comments for links, resources, + reader favorites.

see the original post for details and to enter! giveaway ends 11:59pm PST today. winner will be chosen at random and announced friday.

{thanks so much to ALL of the commenters so far for taking time to share their stories!}


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