Tuesday, February 16, 2010

tying the knot sampler redux

headband - nautical sailor flower knot bcyrjewelry Palladium White Gold Love Knot Tree Bark Ring
Knot Ring - Sterling Silver Flared Walnut Bowl with Knot
Glamarita TIE THE KNOT Custom Wedding Dress in Silver and Ivory Cufflinks - Celtic Eternal Knot, Antique Silver Finish
Forget Me Knot - eco-friendly fine silver knot ring woodgrain laptop decal
PLYWOOD  faux bois ring size 6.5 French  Knot Wool Tote
Tie the Knot Save the Date Card SHOP SALE-  The Beau- necktie or bow tie- choose your favorite 3
{each photo links to its shop}

i keep avoiding it. i can't bring myself to register on theknot.com. the whole checklist thing. can't i not (haha) have a 6-foot endless-scroll checklist? every time i get to the register-so-you-can-see-inside-our-secret-knotty-world page, i think: here is the part where they sell my name and all i get for the next year is wedding spam. (hum. i get wedding spam already, am not sure why this would bother me, but... it's personal, you know?)

for more knotty issues, see also the original tie the knot sampler.

this 3am anxiety has been brought to you by the letter q and an ill-advised late coffee.


  1. Don't use the knot list. You're right, it is like 6 pages long. Go out and buy yourself the Real Simple wedding book/magazine. It's got an awesome checklist and really helpful information about all parts of wedding planning. Or, if you just want the list, they have it online here: http://preview.tinyurl.com/ccx39e

    They have a lot of other good wedding articles on RealSimple.com as well. I highly recommend it.

  2. You can do better than the Knot. I had a book as well and it helped a lot (plus it stored the real paperwork that you have to deal with)!

  3. My advice is to register for the message boards on kvetch.indiebride.com instead of on The Knot. We didn't register anywhere for gifts and things still worked out fine.

  4. First of all, CONGRATS to you. I am so happy you are back; you have been missed! Secondly, I registered with theknot and simply ignore their checklists. I do appreciate their free wedding Web sites, and I created one for me and my fiance, because we are having a destination wedding, and it will (hopefully) help people figure out all the little details without having to call us or e-mail us all the time. Good luck! And thanks again for coming back to us, yay you!

  5. When I first got engaged, my best friend (who is SO not a froo-froo girl) highly recommended theknot's checklist. I begrudgingly signed up, and spent a few hours checking off things that I am completely opting out of. Hire a calligrapher? check! Rent tuxes? check! etc., etc., etc., until I boiled it down to a manageable list of things that are real.

    I check it a lot, and actually have found it to be very helpful. Well, after I deleted their 10 tasks all about finding a dress... and 10 tasks about finding a cake... (one will do, mmkay thanks)

  6. Thank you for including my "Forget Me Knot" ring!
    Wired Originals

  7. The Knot is so unnecessary! All those checklists do is make you think you need to do things that never even occurred to you. Figure out what kind of ceremony you want, open a google doc, and...gasp....make your own checklist! Free wedding site? Hello blogger.com. Good luck opting out. It ain't easy but it's so much calmer.

  8. I love this kind of ring its really great!!!

  9. Hi! Congrats on your engagement!

    After about a year of planning for our handmade wedding, I've found that Etsy met almost all of our needs.

    I let myself shop around, obsess, put together a snipi page (free!) and then each month I made a decision and bought something. (I actually found my perfect dress before we got engaged!)

    There hasn't been anything that I bought that I regret, although I tried about three head pieces before I found the right one.

    Anyway, I feel silly for giving you advice, because I know it is going to turn out fine for you.

    Thank you for this amazing site and the inspiration to make our wedding handmade!

  10. I'm so very glad I didn't know about The Knot when I was getting married. Or wait, did I know and just not care?

    Go your own way! (You always do!)


    Biggest congratulations again...


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