Wednesday, May 14, 2008

bellasofia: gorgeous girl gear

{ isabella dress, handbag, barrette, and bunny in mist toile }

ok, so you can tell by my picks -- i'm not usually frilly-girly. but oh, my soft spot for adorable children's clothing. it's so tiny and cute. just because i think a baby ramones tee is perfectly awesome doesn't mean i don't love a bit of dress-up, so over the next month or so will pick up some kid wedding stuff -- flower girls, ring bearers, babies, whatnot.

bellasofia, where were you when i was 7? i could never get away with this now (especially since i'm 6' tall* -- that's a lot of toile) -- i love the fullness of the pattern, just a classic, classic girl's dress. heirlooms indeed. plus there are all sorts of sweet matching girly things: handbags, barrettes, bunnies... the sashes look satisfyingly poofy... le sigh. and i'd be willing to bet she can make dresses to order in your colors -- check out her sold items as well for other items and fabrics available.

enter flower girl wonderland:
a bellasofia little girl purse in kiwi toileBellasofia Isabella dress in watermelon  Custom Order for Rebecca
a Bellasofia Bloom in celedon and pink toileBellasofia Little Girl Skirt
the Sofia dress in roses and ribbons with ruffled diaper cover 24ma Bellasofia Bunny to match your Little Girl Gown
the Isabella dress in yellow and blue toile 2T or 4TBellasofia medium shoulder bag in Mist Wallpaper
the Isabella dress in cream dupioni silk with a blush sashthe Amelia Dress in robin's egg blue dupioni silk Custom order for Erica
Isabella red toile dress  LAST ONEa Bellasofia Baby Girl Cardigan
more at

* that's 183cm for my metric friends. tall by any measure :)


  1. Hello there

    I love your blog. I've been looking at it for awhile now but thought I should comment. I'm not getting married but this guide will come in handy for when that day comes.

    Thanks for all the inspiration and Etsy goodness.



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