Tuesday, May 27, 2008

toybreaker (tielab) redux, plus interview

{ poppy bronze and cream hand-silkscreened woven silk scarf }

since toybreaker is the current featured seller interview, now seems a good time to revisit since my first post and mention she's branched out into gorgeous, fair-trade, hand-screened silk scarves (my favorite is, of course, the red one). do check out the interview -- detroit-based (and cranbrook-educated!) bethany shorb does what she loves, makes beautiful things, takes enormous care with the environment and with sustainable sourcing, and does awesome custom work. giant etsy crush. check out her store: there's a discount for large orders/wedding parties.

Exhaust Pipes silkscreened necktie - silver on chocolate or charcoalPoppy, silver and berry hand silkscreened woven silk scarf, fair trade
Wish, screenprinted microfiber necktie with wishbone, silver inkSynthesizer screenprinted necktie
Let Them Eat Cake - Marie Antoinette Screen printed necktieSilk Poppy pattern screenprinted necktie, sky blue on white
8 Groomsmen neckties, wedding bulk discount, matching ties, same designPoppy, silver and black hand silkscreened woven silk scarf
Exhaust Pipes silkscreened microfiber necktie - burgundy and berryArgyle skeleton key, cream or steel hand silkscreened woven silk scarf
more at toybreaker.etsy.com


  1. I'll admit that I snatched up the red scarf when I saw it... here's hoping it matches my red silk bridal shoes! :)

  2. yay detroit represent. i'm having my ceremony at cranbrook!

  3. We got the groom and groomsmen ties from her! They are AWESOME. I can't wait to see them all in the ties!


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