Thursday, May 15, 2008

bouquets today

Flower girl bouquet - dark pink penoyGardenia Arrangement
Tropical Punch - Green cymbidium, Pinkish Coral and Peach Roses with Tuberose buds in Green Latte Cupafrenzy bouquet
Custom Bridal BouquetBridal Everlasting Hand Tied Flower Bouquet
White Notes 3-D Flower vase Set of 6 Note Cards - Spring Bouquet
{each photo links to its shop}


  1. How pretty! V. Cute.

  2. Thanks for including me among these other talented sellers on etsy! I really appreciate that!


  3. I like "offbeat for eclectic"!

    that's what I wanted to feature in this Wedding Touchstone" flowgram:

  4. it would never have occurred to me to look for a bouquet on etsy! great picks.

  5. wow, those red poppies look a lot like the ones foundling has been making for years. wonder if she would do a bouquet?

  6. Pretty selection, guess you found all the clay flower etsy sellers but me :( I even had a bouquet that would fit in your lovely "green" showcase! Would love you to see my store,


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