Sunday, May 18, 2008

easteryu redux

{ birch tree log ring bearer cushion }

update! i posted before about easteryu's bird's nest ring bearer, and here's another lovely idea. more at

elegant red leaves boutonniere corsagereserved for missemkelly shell ringbearer cushion
bucket of moss ring bearer cushionSALE peacock feather flower brooch hairpin


  1. This is one of my favorite ring bearer pillow alternatives!

  2. that's my birch ring bearer cushion! imagine my surprise, and delight! can not WAIT to get it!!! easter has been a dream to work with. i sent her a swatch of the dresses we are having made for the flower girls and she found that gorgeous ribbon!! thanks easter!

  3. eep! i almost never (well, i think *never* actually) post reserved items, since i would hate for someone to accidentally buy a custom item, but this photo was so great i couldn't resist! photo links to the non-reserved item, i promise. but your ring... er... log-slice doodle... (what to call it? it's not cushiony, but you can't really say ring log -- sounds like a bad molded jello dessert) ahem! just *gorgeous*.

    thanks so much for being such a good sport, and for letting us know about your experience and who to congratulate on such a bitchin' birch ringbearer! :)

  4. omgosh! please don't apologize! i squeeled with glee when i saw it! easter had just emailed me that morning and all day long i was just psyched about it. it's so much better than i had imagined. i ran into the kitchen after seeing your post yelling 'jay! we made a wedding blog!' how goofy am i? and YOU are hilarious. whenever i talk about the ring 'cushion' in my head i do air quotes! so thank you clearly have wonderful the blog. it's been a HUGE help as i plan my bozeman, mt wedding from nj!

  5. So charming! I'm totally stealing this idea! :)


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