Thursday, June 18, 2009

last call: voting ends at midnight* ...

... so if you haven't already, please read the stories and cast your ballot.
thanks to everyone who has voted so far!

*U.S. eastern daylight time :)


  1. exciting...i think we have a winner! What do you think Jen???

    Thanks again to everyone that participated in the contest ...thanks so much to were a great host to my Geezees Giveaway!

    Thanks for all the love bloggers!

  2. Oh how exciting! :)
    I won and I can't believe it.
    I woke up early just to check the results.
    Thank you to both of you ladies for hosting this amazing contest.
    My fiance and I are elated.

  3. yes! please add my best wishes to stephanie's and emie's -- thanks to everyone who took part and voted in the giveaway, and a special thank you to stephanie for persistently making sure it actually *happened*, then donating her time and talents so graciously.

    for N and dairy princess, i will make you a pair of earrings as thanks! pls. contact me at etsywedding (at) gmail :)

  4. btw, as a side note -- the blog is on pacific time -- am a night owl, and for some reason like to post west coast time. just realized (after 2 years, ha) that the times on comments are also that way... makes sense.


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