Friday, June 5, 2009

lights, music, wedding: sampler for the song-inspired

Sheet Music Tea Lights
{ sheet music tea lights by carolinacottage }

i have a confession. i sing in an a cappella group. yes, that kind of thing like in college. and on "the office." yeah. i know.

for the last couple of years it was an on and off sort of thing, low key. now we have all these concerts and it's inevitable that i will end up on youtube, and this troubles me (haha, 'hear comes treble') greatly. and of course with theatrical people there has to be drama. this for me is soooo 1995 it is beyond expressing.

so we had two concerts this week, and my poor sainted boyfriend got roped last minute into running the sound board last night, one of his infinite talents as a musician. i saw a professional side of him i hadn't seen, and got to thinking how music is so much a part of both of our lives, in very different ways.

after the concert, talking with our dj friend, we ended up on the subject of weddings -- strangest song request, how far in advance people book -- (dj d-mac, DC-area brides -- can't recommend highly enough)...

then today, reading all the song lyrics people have posted for the contest this week, have been musing on how much melody and words bind us together, how much we navigate life by our songs. our music -- the song you make your own, the one that reminds you of when you met, or broke up, or got back together, or fell in love, or of why you're together in the first place -- the song you have to get up and dance to --

what's your song? i don't just mean first dance -- what's the song that you keep coming back to?

ormolu love song paper strips Sterling hand stamped guitar pick WITH CASE
rstudio Singing a sweet song wedding invitation CrescentCreations A Love Song - Fine Art Photography - 8 x 10 Matted Photograph 11 x 14
turnofthecenturies OLD-TIME DUO (Folded Note Card and Envelope) kgarnerdesigns Love Song Necklace in Silver
Clock made from a recycled record player Music Poster Save the Date
A City Built On Rock  N Roll... Flat Cards 4x5 Gangsta Lean modules
bombus Musical Hearts Home is where our heart is- green
lizardpress LOVE (wedding pack of 100 letterpress printed CD sleeves) Custom Order Vinyl Record Wall Art-Layered 33 1/3 rpm Record
{each photo links to its store}


  1. forgot to mention -- here's one i love:

  2. I love a capella groups and I don't think it's anything you should be ashamed of :-) (I'm loving those new Toyota commercials with the a capella music... but maybe that's just the musical theatre nerd in me.)

    "Our song" is not our first dance as much as it's the song we were introduced to at our wedding. "Gimme Some Lovin'" by the Spencer Davis Group. It's upbeat, by a band we love, and I love the lyrics: "so glad we made it." That moment of walking into our reception with such excitement and seeing/hearing the excitement of our loved ones was one of the greatest moments of our day. It also reminds me of that great scene at the end of "Notting Hill" when they're speeding through London to get Hugh Grant to Julia Roberts' press conference :-)

  3. I adore the ring on the book and its shade heart shaped! that's fantastic

  4. Very wonderful creations:) Love it!

  5. My fiance is in an accapella group and i am a super huge groupie- they are called rezonate. do you compete at all?

  6. thanks all! a traditional one that gets me is "at last"...

    a friend who loves U2 walked out to "beautiful day"...loud. that wonderful 3-thump drumbeat...

    and no, futuremrs, we are not (yet) competing (and i'm not sure i want to) -- it's a wonderful thing but i'm getting over my terror of hand mics and being on video slowly. my very best wishes to you, you have a *lot* of a cappella in your future! :)


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