Friday, June 26, 2009

pommesfrites: upcycled flask safes

pommesfrites hollow dictionary flask safe
{ hollow dictionary flask safe }

the very talented kristen of pommesfrites not only gives me the opportunity to tell everyone (again) how fantastic austin texas is and how not coincidentally i'm from there (and claim it even though i moved when i was 13....) ...

let me start over. the incredibly talented austin-based pommesfrites upcycles wonderful unloved books into even more wonderful best man/groomsman/bridal party gifts. these remind me of the speakeasy trend of late -- bring a little prohibition to your library.

for your teetotalers, she makes book safes, money safes, and all manner of non-alcoholic alternatives.

kristen has graciously offered readers a *20% discount* on book flask safes -- just mention etsy wedding in your note to seller and she will take care of the rest.

etsy wedding would also like to take a moment to remind everyone to drink responsibly and with others. share. be safe with your flask safe. xo.

dictionary illustration pin pack ''EAST TEXAS''hollow book double flask safe set ''HISTORY OF ENGLAND''
DANIELLE STEEL JEWELS hollow book safeCLASSIC RED plaid magnet set
P ENCYCLOPEDIA hollow book safehollow book flask safe ''WHY SURVIVE''
hollow book flask safe ''SHERLOCK HOLMES''FG ENCYCLOPEDIA money safe
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  1. that's really neat! i love the book flask idea- it would definitely make a great gift.

    we just hollowed out an antique book to use as our ring pillow and it turned out better than i imagined!

  2. thanks so much for the feature & kind comments! <3

  3. Very neat ideas! Glad to have found your site.

  4. Creative! I like that idea. I think I need one for our office. ha.

  5. We did something like this! It was made to look like a Bible and had a flask hidden inside. We engraved "Holy Spirits" on flask and then gave the whole thing to our priest! He thought it was hilarious and even brought it up in a following sermon! (We are Episcopalians, so there tends to be a decent amount of drinking at any event. :) ).

  6. Um. HELLO. Shouldn't we have to mention a CODE WORD? I'm pretty sure that is what we need to do.


  7. I have loved these flasks for ages!!! Thanks for including such a variety of them! By the way, great blog!!!! Will be back for sure!

  8. These are too funny. I Love it!

  9. i have to admit i love the flask....lollll...go going..lolll

  10. Lol, the other day my friend pulled out a book from the bookshelf, which turned out to not be a book at all. Had me fooled. I like this idea, thank you.

  11. Love the idea... I think I can use something like these to stash my savings or something... ;p and to hide my chocolate bars...

  12. These are quite nifty. Thanks for sharing!


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