Sunday, June 28, 2009

men's handmade + vintage wedding hats

Grey Feather Mens Fedora 6 and 7 8s with a red feather
Vintage Mens Tweed Fedora Vintage 1950's Men's Hat
VINTAGE Men's Fedora Sky Chief
Alden Men's Straw Hat
Vintage Straw Boater Hat Ribbon and Feather 7 Vintage Fedora, for You (or the Stylish and Manly Man in Your Life)
{each photo links to its shop}

rachael and her fiancé were having trouble finding a men's summer hat that didn't break the bank. she loved the ones at magar hatworks (see men's collection) and asked me to see if i could find more options.

etsy has lots of men's vintage hats, if you can luck into the right size -- not so many on the handmade side, plus you have to wade through acres of knit. chachashouse and magar are the best so far, with a couple off-etsy handmade options below. (anyone have other suggestions for great handmade hats?)

barbara feinman millinery
worth & worth hats


  1. I have a hat like these that my grandpa used to wear all the time. Your post made me think about him and I can picture him in that hat right now!

    Great picks!


  2. I'd give anything to look cool in these types of hats.

  3. I love these hats! I should purchase for hubby and our teen.

  4. omg! I love the fedoras! that is a perfect gift for groomsmen! & they could wear it at the wedding too! genius!

  5. John hats and Lola hats are amazing. My fiance and i will be wearing custom pieces for our wedding

  6. Ooooh, Nice post on vintage looking hats. I have been looking for some of these recently. Great finds;)

    wedding invitation


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