Friday, June 5, 2009

oops: on contests

hi. i want to apologize -- i don't think i told you all that we didn't win a camcorder. after all that buildup! no closure! camcorder tease.

i told twitter, but i didn't tell you, and that's not cool. especially since an amazingly large number of you went and signed up for the contest. we did great overall, just no prize -- thank you so much for trying!

(then again, if any of you won the honeymoon, it was worth it.)

with more favorable odds, there's this week's geezees contest (ends tuesday!) and then i have *another* great giveaway lined up next.*

*for that matter, if you have a wonderful etsy product that you would like to feature in a contest, let me know at etsywedding at gmail and i will happily consider.

i only schedule a few since i don't want to bore readers not interested in contest hoopla -- but you know what i like:
- things that are on etsy
- things that have character
- things that are beautiful, useful, well-photographed,
eco-friendly, modern, customizable, exquisitely made, have a great story, or some combination thereof.

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