Wednesday, March 26, 2008

carolleedesigns/junkmail: feisty cards

HateMail --- Now You Really Done Did It
{ hatemail -- 'now you really done did it' }

hilarious. have been looking for a clever non-saccharine way of saying: hey! congratulations! this store is full of anti-pink-packet sentiments. well, that and some genuinely mean cards. but well-designed mean. that counts for something, right?

(off-blog-topic faves: i love 'thanks from the baby mama' and most especially 'you park like an idiot' mini cards -- oh, the places you'd go.)

there are also thank you and gift sets, for your sharp-tongued friends.

and yes, it's not just you -- the posting has slowed down this week. am working on something (again). excuses, excuses :)

HateMail - This Cow Is SOLD - New Engagement Greeting CardNever A Day --- Tri-Fold Greeting Card
Hi --- Set Of Six Notecards And Envelopes --- Periwinkle BranchesHateMail --- Your Momma
HateMail --- You Say Tomato, I Say...HateMail --- There Goes The Neighborhood
more at

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  1. Dang, the best stationery I've ever seen is on Etsy. I wish I'd known about it sooner instead of going the mass produced route.

    At least I can get some "Your Momma" cards!


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