Saturday, March 8, 2008

enfinlavoila: hothouse invitations

Lucy in the sky with flowers - wedding invitation sample set
{ lucy in the sky with flowers invitation set }

a dancing bear-fox erupting in giant ranunculus? named for a beatles song about LSD? what's not to love? decadent and whimsically off-kilter, like much of the work in belgian designer marijke's shop -- check out her stationery as well! all can be personalized, and in her feedback you'll find a rabid, blissfully happy following. must be something in the beer.

I heart you - set of 4 notecards and envelopesArt Deco Lilies - wedding invitation sample set
The jewel of the Nile - set of 4 funky notecardsPersonalised notecards - Flying butterflies
Chandelier and blue eyed bird- wedding invitation sample setLucy in the sky with flowers - set of 4 cute kitsch notecards and envelopes
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  1. Thanks for the nice words !
    Could be something in the chocolate as well ;-)


  2. i, too, count myself as one of marijke's happy followers. her work is so unique and fun.

  3. i muchos enjoy papers with rounded edges. it makes me happy.


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