Sunday, March 16, 2008

secondlineframes and rebirthframes: new orleans

Green and Natural Striped Frame
{ green and natural striped frame by secondlineframes }

speaking of recycled, have wanted to feature these two relatively new shops for a while.

the first is secondlineframes, named for the new orleans tradition: the second line is "the colorful parade that follows a funeral procession to turn tragedy into a celebration of rebirth." the frames are made from reclaimed wood siding from homes destroyed by hurricane katrina.

rebirthframes does similar work; the two sellers are brother and sister. both wanted to do something with the materials and contribute to the rebuilding, and a percentage of the proceeds are donated to local organizations. both shops can make custom frames based on color or size, and you can substitute mirror for glass if preferred.

the bright colors and the intricate patterns are beauty reclaimed from disaster (like so many things in life!), and to me represent great hope and resilience, qualities welcome in any new marriage.

Orange and teal with natural trimWhite Woodgrain Striped Frame
Steel Blue and White FrameWhites and Greens with Blue Trim
Dark and light greens with green trimGolden Hardwood Floor Frame
Mardi Gras colors, your favorite Mardi Gras shot right hereCracked browns withe brown trim
each photo is linked to its shop.
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