Thursday, March 13, 2008

whitneysmith: gorgeous handmade ceramics

{ pair of cake stands }

this find courtesy of angel at -- who i probably shouldn't be quite so grateful to, since i'm about to purchase a grillion dollars worth of ceramics. visa thanks you, angel! ;)

i *love* this shop! the amazing art-nouveau and organic shapes... the gorgeous glazes... whimsical yet practical...

i gave up math in 1994, but here's my attempt at an equation for why these are amazing: color + shape + simplicity + uniqueness + can-actually- be-used-and-aren't-just-decorative-dustcatchers = monster etsy crush.
plus whitney talks in her profile about her love and obsession with her craft, and it absolutely shows. bravo! check these out:

Large Poppy BowlDogwood Flower Bowl
Creamer and Sugar SetSmall Red Pomegranate
Datura Flower VaseFive Nesting Lotus Bowls
Eight Nesting Lotus BowlsBird Dessert Plate
more at

{april 1: update! see her featured seller interview on etsy :) }


  1. I am loving the lotus bowls! Her pieces are beautiful.

  2. great bowls, and what a neat idea for a blog :-)

  3. cool and looks beautiful :)

  4. Oh!

  5. Wow, I love these ceramics. I love each and every one of them. These are amazing! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. And the great thing about the cake platters are that you can use them at your wedding and then for your home. Wedding stuff + after wedding use = instant justification. (Hey, this kind of math is fun!)


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