Sunday, March 9, 2008

dkdesignshawaii: wild on clay floral

{ white dahlia, pink and mini red roses, and pikake bouquet }


this, friends, is crazy. another case of: how did someone possibly learn to make this? they're not real -- they're all made out of clay. petal by petal. siiiiiick.

dkdesigns takes on custom work for weddings, favors, and bridal party gifts. considering i've never met a plant i can't kill, maybe i should get her to sculpt me a ficus.

i'm totally serious.

Pink Gerbera, Pink and Peach Roses, and GrassesPlumerias in Tiffany Blue Cup
Tropical EleganceBlue Hydrangea, Gardenia and Purple Roses
Spring Flowers - Oranges, Pinks and GreensWhite Cattleya Orchid, Peach Roses and Green Cluster Flowers
more at


  1. Hiya! You might think these are not cool for weddings- But I was thinking that some bride might like a gazillion of these recycled paper lanterns hanging at her reception? whatcha think? Love yr blog!

  2. Isn't she amazing?!
    I just happened onto her shop last week and totally hearted her...I was about to blog about her shop too!
    TOTALLY CRAZY how real they look!

  3. Phwoar!!! Those flowers are stupendous! Absolutely beautiful and so life like too.
    She's a new favourite of mine :)

  4. You think her creations/work is amazing... just get to know her... she is a doll... a gem... the bestest in the westest! I always recommend all of my Brides order at least one unique item for their Wedding from her... needless to say - they are never disappointed... at one Wedding... the Guests were literally fighting over her Programs... now thats some serious craftiness :)

  5. This is DK Designs - I just had to tell you if you haven't heard already, the Martha Stewart Show called!!! I'm going to be on her show on 4/1!!!

    They said they found me via my storefront! I'm so honored.

    Just had to share the awesome news with you because you probably helped put me on the map (a bigger one that is!)

  6. that's *so* awesome!! you deserve it!

    (for more info, check out

    so exciting, congratulations! :)


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