Thursday, March 20, 2008

stars tribute sampler

Sterling Silver Star Shower NecklaceSkewed Stars Quilt
Rock, Paper, Scissors Note CardsNewspaper Patterned Moravian Stars, set of 7 - 60mm diam
Constellation12 Large Decorative Circles -Fall Palette
red brie bakerStar Wrist by Tender Roni
Rock Star ApronRuby Red Rock Star Earrings
WIDE headband Metallic GOLD star hair head dress Holiday HOTTwinkle Twinkle Star Bobbies
Nova Earrings- Silver Diamond Shaped Hoop Dangles on Sterling Silver EarwiresLone Pattern Leather and Stainless Steel Flask - Black, White and Red
each photo links to its shop.

short post today! am headed to a birthday party. in the meantime, saw stars last night, absolutely brilliant live. a little rock star sampler in their honor above!

(21.march -- edit! for lovebirds, check out 'the aspidistra files,' 'my favourite book,' 'elevator love letter,' 'today will be better,' and 'the first five times.' or see myspace tour info xoj)

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